Safety at Orbis Engineering

At Orbis we put a high value on safety and maintain certifications not held by many of our competitors. The products and technology we work with is immensely powerful, and without the proper respect consequences can be severe. Orbis is always working to ensure its safety practices are up to date and effective.

Certified Standards

NETAOur employees are trained and certified to ensure the safe, efficient, and reliable operation of electrical equipment and systems. We use state of the art equipment to conduct tests that meet IEEE, ANSI, CSA, NETA, and ASTM standards. Additionally, Orbis has undergone the Alberta Construction Safety Association Certificate of Recognition (COR) process, and is COR certified. We are also certified with the client management companies ISNetworld and Browz.

Furthermore Orbis is a NETA Accredited Company, the leading source of specifications, procedures, testing, and requirements, for commissioning new equipment and testing the reliability and performance of existing equipment.

As a NETA Accredited Company, Orbis ensures proper documentation of testing activities, calibration of all test equipment, and compliance with the strict NETA safety and training guidelines.

As a COR certified company, Orbis's employees maintain certifications in a number of safety related and leadership courses. You can see the full process Orbis followed in becoming COR certified here.